by Ruby G.

For my entire life

People have asked

“What are you?”

They’d say

“You look mixed,

But I can’t tell what with.”

Over and over

“Are you Black?”

“Are you White?”

I am Me.

A woman of diverse descent.

Who loves and embraces every part.

I can’t fit into a single category,

And I don’t need to.

I am fearfully, uniquely, and wonderfully made.

Knit together so intricately

By the Holy One who decided Himself

That I was not meant to fit in

But to stand out.

I am Me.

Someone with the blood of four races

Coursing through my veins.

Whose hair is coily and brittle

That goes every which way

And can never be tamed

Try as hard as I may.

Whose skin is patchy and rough,

Scarred and bloody,

Because its multicultural textures

Have never been able to live

In harmony.

I am Me.

A woman who was born to be

Loud and proud,

But also

Patient and humble.

Someone whose mind is filled

with inspiration

And eyes with wonder.

Who’s strived to find the light

In this dark, dreary world.

And share it with others

Wherever I go.

I am Me.

A girl who has gone through

the highest of highs

And the lowest of lows

Who is changing,


With every passing day.

Rising, falling, and rising again,

In order to become

Who I'm meant to in the end.

I am Me.

Whose will and resolve

is unbreakable

Because it is rooted

in Christ my Savior.

From the day I was born

‘Till my dying breath,

And even after.

I always have been,

Always will be


And there is no one else

I’d rather be.