"The Land of Dreams is a dangerous place."


The train rocked endlessly as it barreled down the tunnel. The coach I rode in was empty besides myself and one other passenger. He sat in the seat nearest the door, and I stood above him.

The train lurched and I stumbled forward, landing in his arms.

I looked down at the man I was now pressed against, searching his face. It was familiar, yet foreign. I felt as if I had seen many times in passing, but had never officially met him before this moment.

His breath was steady, as his gaze held mine.

My hand wrapped around his throat.

His eyes went wide as he gasped for air, all the while my grip continued to tighten with inhuman strength.

A darkness was rising within me. An entity of evil latched itself onto my body, and had gained control.

I felt heavy, the darkness weighing me down as I pressed my nails deeper and deeper into the man's flesh.

My mind was the only thing that was still my own, and with it I called upon the name of the Lord.

"In the name of Jesus Christ," My thoughts screamed. "Leave!"

And it left.

The darkness in my body dissipated. The corruption dissolved.

My hand released its grip on the man, as the darkness released its grip on me.

As he gasped for air, there was a sharp numbness in the back of my head. A sensation unlike anything I had ever felt before.

Though I was free from its control, I could still feel it...still feel them.

The darkness...The demons.

They were still there, surrounding me.

Waiting for another opportunity to get inside.


I woke up with a start, freed from the horrid dream,

but the numbness remained.

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